• Vision

Basic Principle

Strive every day to provide customers with high-quality products
MORE speedily and MORE reasonably

Corporate Principle

Nihon Chemical is a company that supports Japanese MONOZUKURI
through metal processing.

  • Upon our sound business activities, we care for whoever has connections with our company including our customers and workers.
  • Nihon Chemical continues to provide our customers with high-quality products and services.
  • Nihon Chemical provides processing and manufacturing approaches by fully understanding the requests of our customers.
  • Nihon Chemical's replies to our customers do not include the words "We cannot."
    We will thoroughly study the way that "realizes" a customer's request and submit a proposal.
  • Nihon Chemical collaborates with the community to become a reliable company.

Always with the spirit of "OMOTENASHI (hospitality)," we thank and return favor to customers, employees and people in the community and with pride (NC PRIDE) we will continue to take up the challenge to be a highly esteemed company with affluent dreams and dynamism.