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Contributing to Japanese MONOZUKURI (craftsmanship) in the background - the Field of Metal Processing

President and Representative DirectorMasahiro Ishida

Representative Senior Managing DirectorAtsuo Harada

One time reliable players of "Japan As Number One", Japanese manufacturing companies are now experiencing conditions that are becoming more and more difficult over time. Facing a society with a falling population, a shortage in human resources due to a declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people, along with technical advancement and overwhelming production capacities in China and Korea, the business environment inside and outside of Japan is changing significantly.

Although we are living in very difficult times in which our circumstances are changing dramatically, we, living in the present day, still have the important mission of passing down the culture of Japanese MONOZUKURI which has been passed down over generations by our predecessors who believed in the bright future of Japan. - Contributing to Japanese MONOZUKURI in the field of metal processing, as an unnoticed yet reliable player -

Since the establishment of the company in 1967, we have engaged in a variety of our customers’ projects in a wide variety of fields such as the shipbuilding, bridge and plant construction, building, railroad and aerospace industries. We have been asked by our customers many times, "Can you do this?" This has been the beginning for all of our employees to take up the challenge and achieve the things that our customers had requested. The experience and technologies we have gained through these challenges is now the driving force taking us to new challenges.

Every employee in our company will continue our challenge, through metal processing activities, to support Japanese MONOZUKURI, the development of Japan and the community and to bring happiness to people involved in the activities of our company.