Nihon Chemical CO. LTD. (hereinafter called, "Nihon Chemical") stipulates the privacy policy (hereinafter called, the "Privacy Policy" which will be applied when we handle private information during the provision of service on our website (hereinafter called, the "Service").

Article 1. Confidential Information

  • Among private information, "personal information" shall refer to "Personal Information" as stipulated in Japanese law, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. This includes name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact number and other oral information used to identify specific person.
  • "Historical information and characteristic information "shall refer to, among the private information stipulated above, information other than Personal Information. More specifically, these are records of services used, purchased products, browsed sites and advertisements, keywords used in searches, dates and times of use, method of use, use environment, postal code, gender, occupation, age, IP address, cookies and individual recognition information at each terminal.

Article 2. Collecting Method of Private Information

  • Nihon Chemical may, at the time of a user registers, ask for a user's Personal Information, including name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, bank account number, credit card number and/or driver's license number. JCP may collect from our affiliates records that include the user's Personal Information, collected at the time of trading between the user and our affiliates (including the party from whom we received the information, advertising clients and advertisement subscribers, hereinafter called, the "Affiliates") as well as settlement information.
  • Nihon Chemical will collect, when a user uses Nihon Chemical's or an Affiliate's services or browses our websites, information about the user, including the service and software used, purchased products, log of browsed sites and advertisements, keywords used for searching, method of use, use environment (if a mobile terminal is used, the state of communication and mobile setting information at the time of use will be included), IP address, cookies, location information, log information and characteristic information including the individual recognition information of each terminal.

* Access analytical tool

Nihon Chemical uses Google's Access analytical tool, "Google Analytics."
Google Analytics uses cookies for collecting traffic data. Traffic data is collected on an anonymous basis and will not be used to specify a certain individual. Use of this function can be denied by disabling cookies. Please check the settings of your browser. For details about this rule, click here.

Article 3. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The purpose Nihon Chemical collects and uses the personal information is as follows:

  • In order for users to browse registered data, correct data and browse the state of use, display registered information including name, address, contact, payment method, used services and purchased products, and prices of the services and products used.
  • In order to contact the user or provide information by email where necessary, send goods or contact the user as required, contact information such as name and address to be used.
  • In order to identify the user, name, date of birth, address, telephone number, bank account number, credit card number, driver's license number and confirmation of receipt of certified mail will be used.
  • In order to claim payments of the user, information related to payments, including names and amount of purchased products, type and duration of services used, frequency of use, the number of invoices, name, address, bank account number and credit card number will be used.
  • In order to allow the user to input data easily, information that the user has registered on Nihon Chemical’s site will be displayed on the screen or transfer information that has been registered on Nihon Chemical’s site to other services (including those provided by Affiliates) based on the user's instruction.
  • In order to specify individuals not paying the amount of an invoice, violating the terms of use by causing damage to a third party or attempting to use the service for illegal or inappropriate purposes and for refusing any further use by such individuals, information such as a style of use, name and address will be used.
  • In order to respond to user inquiries, information which Nihon Chemical needs to provide service, including the contents of inquiries and amounts of invoices, the state of use of our service by the user and contact information will be used.
  • Purposes in relation to the abovementioned purposes of use

Article 4. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Nihon Chemical will not, when asked for disclosure of personal information by any third party, disclose the Personal Information unless the user agrees to do so, except for the case approved by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws and regulations.

  • The cases based on laws and regulations.
  • The cases in which there is a need to protect a human life, body or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain a user's consent.
  • The cases in which there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children, and when it is difficult to obtain a user's consent.
  • The cases in which there is a need to cooperate in regard to a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining a user's consent would interfere with the performance of the said affairs.
  • The cases in which following matters have been notified or disclosed in advance to the public.
    • A third-party provision is included in the utilization purpose.
    • The categories of Personal Information provided to a third party.
    • A method of a third-party provision.
    • In response to a user's request, a third-party provision of Personal Information must be stopped.
  • In those cases set forth in the following, a person receiving the provision of the said personal data shall not fall under a third party in regard to applying the provisions of each preceding paragraph.
    • The cases in which Nihon Chemical entrusts a whole or part of the handling of the Personal Information within the necessary scope to achieve a utilization purpose.
    • The cases in which Personal Information is provided accompanied with business succession caused by a merger or other reason.
    • The cases in which Personal Information to be jointly utilized by a specified person is provided to the specified person, and when a user has in advance been informed or a state has been in place where a user can easily know to that effect as well as of the categories of the jointly utilized Personal Information, the scope of a jointly utilizing person, the utilization purpose for the utilizing person and the name or appellation of a person responsible for controlling the said personal data.

Article 5. Disclosure of Personal Information

  • Nihon Chemical will, when having received a demand to disclose retained Personal Information to a user, disclose it without delay. However, in cases where disclosing such information falls under any of each following item, a whole or part thereof may not be disclosed. The user will be informed of the decision without delay if Nihon Chemical decided not to disclose. Nihon Chemical will charge the user 1,000 yen per case of disclosure of the Personal Information.
    • The cases in which there is a possibility of harming a user or third party's life, body, fortune or other rights and interests.
    • The cases in which there is a possibility of interfering seriously with Nihon Chemical implementing its business properly.
    • The cases of violating other laws or regulations.
  • Regardless of the stipulations of preceding clause, the information other than the Personal Information, such as historical information and characteristic information, will not be disclosed generally.

Article 6. Correction and deletion of the Personal

  • The user may, when the contents of retained Personal Information are not factual, demand Nihon Chemical of making a correction or deletion of the in regard to the contents of the retained Personal Information by taking procedures that Nihon Chemical specifies.
  • Nihon Chemical will, if it determines it is necessary to respond to the request of the user, correct or delete the Personal Information without delay. Nihon Chemical will provide a notice to the user in this regard.

Article 7 Case of Utilization of Personal Information

Nihon Chemical will, if the user claims that retained Personal Information is being handled beyond the scope of purpose of use or has been acquired in violation of the laws and regulations, cease utilization of or delete the Personal Information (hereinafter called the "Utilization Cease, etc.") after investigation. Nihon Chemical will provide a notice to the user in this regard. However, this shall not apply in cases where Utilization Cease etc. of the said retained Personal Information requires a large amount of expenses or other cases where it is difficult to fulfill the Utilization Cease etc. and when necessary alternative action is taken to protect the user's rights and interests.

Article 8. Revision of Privacy Policy

  • The contents of the Privacy Policy may be revised without a prior notice to the users.
  • Except for the cases otherwise determined by Nihon Chemical, the revised Privacy Policy shall come into effect from the date that it is posted on this website.

Article 9. Contact

For any questions about our Privacy Policy, contact the following by email.

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Company name: Nihon Chemical, Ltd.