Second Main Factory

  • Second Main Factory

Second Main Factory

11326 Aza-takenoshita, Hongocho-minamigata, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, 729-0413, Japan

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This factory that specializes in product blasting was completed in December, 2019.
This factory is capable handling large products after can making (6 m (W) x 13.5 m (L) x 5.5 m (H) and 10 t (weight) at maximum). In collaboration with the main factory, in this factory integrated processing from blasting using grids to finishing painting is possible.
The factory is located approximately 2 km to the west of the main factory.

Land area 1,948 ㎡
Paint shop building 500 ㎡
Cargo handling equipment Overhead crane: 4.8t / 2 cranes
Blasting dolly: 10.0t / 1 dolly
Equipment Grid blasting chamber
Painting booth
6,000W x 13,500L x 5,500H
Product A variety of steel materials, canning products
Production capacity 200t/month