Shot Blasting and
Primer Coating

Have you experienced any problems as follows?

  • It is desired to extend the life of paint.
  • Improve welding quality.
  • Grouping steel materials based on the sequence of production

Shot blasting and primer coating
will extend the life of paint

Before applying a tentative rust prevention means (primer coating), which is effective until the next process, the oxidative products (mill scales) adhering to the surface of steel materials and rust are removed by blasting (shot blasting) using a dedicated shot blasting machine. From thin sheet metal (2.3 mm and up) to large H-beam steel (up to 1,000 mm), we only apply shot blasting or conduct other processes, including manual thick film painting, rust preventive coating, masking and pipe marking, in accordance with customers' specifications. In addition to these processes other additional work, including detailed grouping and bundling, can also be provided.

Our Works

  • Hot-rolled (tape masking)

    Hot-rolled coil
    (tape masking)

  • Hot-rolled coil (automatic frame painting)

    Hot-rolled coil
    (automatic frame painting)

  • H-shape steel for bridge use

    H-shape steel for bridge use

  • Cell guide angle

    Cell guide angle

  • U-rib


  • DKPL for construction

    DKPL for construction

  • Joint marking line

    Joint marking line

  • Angle


  • Joint masking tape

    Joint masking tape

  • Pipe support

    Pipe support

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