List of Our Services

  • List of Our Services

Shot Blasting and Primer Coating

The integrated production of products, from thin sheet metal (2.3 mm and up) to large H-beam steel (up to 1,000 mm), to the primer process using specialized machines. We can perform manual painting, thick film painting and rust-preventive painting depending on the shape of steel materials and the painting specification requirements.

Shot Blasting for Steels Products

This is a type of blasting suitable for structures, including large steel structures, the interior of pipes and structures with complex shapes after canning. The materials after blasting are suitable for a variety of painting types, such as thick film and heavy rust-proof painting that we can offer.

Cutting and Bending of Section Steel

Based on customers' drawings, the marking, cutting, piercing, bending and beveling of steel materials are conducted. The processing of a variety of steel types is possible. For example, flat steel and mold steel 6-axis robotic cutting systems (automatic marking & cutting machine), bending using press benders and beveling machines are possible. These are in addition to manual processes, including gas cutting, steel bending and other processes using materials for ships, bridges and transportation equipment.

Other Product Processing

  • A variety of iron products and canning products
  • Pickling (acid cleaning) and primer coating
  • Pickling of equipment and pipes and flushing
  • Galvanized coating
  • Chemical cleaning of stainless steel and specialized steel materials
  • Cleaning of chemical plants by chemical cleaning and ultra-high-pressure jet cleaning