• Strength

We will never say
"we can not"

Since the establishment of our company in 1967, we have continued to improve our corporate business management, in order to realize customers' requests, "Can you do this?" As a result, the size of our business has expanded and we currently have eight factories located throughout Japan. At Nihon Chemical, we are proud to say that we have contributed to Japan's MONOZUKURI (craftsmanship) with metal processing technologies gained over a long time. Nihon Chemical will continue our efforts in challenging more "Can you do this?" matters in the future.

Suggesting best idea for each customer
with our technology

  • 01The ability to understand 
    what customers expect

    In order to identify what our customers expect, Nihon Chemical will visit customers anywhere, anytime, to enable opportunities to meet and present optimal proposals. Please contact us and our sales representatives from one of our Hokkaido, Chiba, Osaka and Hiroshima offices and together we will visit customers. We are pleased to hear any of your questions and requests. Even when you request something that Nihon Chemical has never tried before, we will take up this challenge and try our hardest to provide you with the best possible technical plan.

  • 02Technical capabilities gained through 
    business activity in a variety of fields

    So far, Nihon Chemical has business experience in the fields of shipbuilding, bridges, plants, construction, railroads, aerospace, and more. Our technical capability has been enhanced through our best efforts to take care of all customer requests in these industries. Though all these industries engage in manufacturing, they all have different concepts and different ways of working in areas such as quality control and demand for accuracy, among others. Without adhering to only our own concept or way of working, we have tried to learn and understand what our customers expect. As a consequence, we not only deepened our knowledge of techniques (ability to seek for advanced technologies), but also improved our abilities in listening to customers' demands, which expand our capability in more fields.

Discovering what is
"BEST" for customers

  • 03Handwork that makes it possible to satisfy customers' requests and delivery time needs

    Nihon Chemical manufactures the products as customers request by the time customers demand. Both can be actualized in collaboration of all of our production bases throughout Japan. One of processes that we offer is automatic painting. If this primary painting process does not meet customer demands, Nihon Chemical is also capable of providing a variety of additional painting services including thick film painting and primer painting. From Hokkaido in the north, our factories spread across many regions of Japan, including Chiba, Osaka and Hiroshima. In addition to these factories, each having their own respective characteristics, dedicated craftsmen engage in production activities, enabling Nihon Chemical to take quick action to meet customer demands on a case-by-case basis.

  • 04Production system and proper factory selection that realize total cost reduction

    From among our factories in Japan, Nihon Chemical selects the most suitable location to minimize delivery cost to customers' production bases. In addition, we strive to economize total cost through methods such as allowing for integrated production, from shot blasting to cutting. For manufacturing industries, the ratio of transportation costs to the total cost does not seem to be low. One of the options to reduce transportation costs is to "manufacture products" near to the location of the final production. Because of our widespread locations throughout Japan, it is possible for us to do so.

High-quality service and
thorough quality control

  • 05Flexible system to provide services that meet a variety of customer needs

    Through the refurbishing of shot blasting lines, the introduction of flat steel and mold steel 6-axis robotic cutting system (automatic marking & cutting machine) and more, we provide highly accurate services. Although we provide highly accurate services, including shot blasting, shot peening, painting, bending and cutting, the range of services that we can provide is not limited to these. Frame painting, thick film painting, masking and pipe line marking, character printing, etc. are additional services that we can provide to ensure efficient operations after delivery to customers. In other words, we care for our customers' improvements in productive efficiency by meeting their requests for services such as grouping, bundling and loading.

  • 06Strict quality control targetting the production of world-class products

    Nihon Chemical prepares operational procedures based on ISO9001. Quality control starts from the stage of receiving materials and continues through to the degree of shot blasting surface preparation, film thickness control, final inspection and shipping. In particular, we strictly control paint quality through inspections conducted by inspectors who have been qualified for "Paint Inspector Level 2" of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and "Paint Inspector Level 3" of FROSIO (The Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors of Surface Treatment).