Main Factory

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Main Factory

8827-1 Hongocho-minamigata, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, 729-0413, Japan

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ISO9001Certified Factory

There are two shot blasting lines in the factory that meet a variety of customer requests. One is capable of blasting a large number of wide and long steel materials at one time and the other is capable of blasting from thin plates (2.3 mm and up) to large H-beams (up to 1,000 mm). In the factory, there is a specialized paint shop in which the application of various paints and coatings are possible, including primer coating, thick film paint and rust preventive coatings for finishing.
This is the main plant for customers in western Japan areas.

※Amid the international trend toward decarbonization, we withdrew from the business of internal shot processing of stainless steel pipes for coal-fired power plants at the end of March 2023.

Land area 11,880 ㎡
Building area 5,817 ㎡ (Build. A, Build. B)
Paint shop building Build. C: 390 ㎡
Cargo handling equipment Overhead crane: 10t / 2 cranes, 7.5t / 1 crane, 4.8t / 5 cranes, 2.8t / 11 cranes
Gantry crane: 4.8t / 1 crane, 2.8t / 1 crane
Jib crane: 2.8t / 1 crane
Equipment Shot blast and primer line: 2 lines
Build. A: 6t x 3,400W x 25,000L x 500H
Build. B: 2.3t x 2,440W x 25,000L x 900H
Build. C: Steel cutting equipment: 1 set, Paint equipment: 1 set
Product PL, H, L, FB, pipes
Production capacity 12,000t/month